4th Round


US Open (03.09.2017)

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  • Category 3
  • Цена:

    143 €

  • Category 2
  • Цена:

    357.5 €

  • Category 1
  • Цена:

    401.5 €

Seating in pairs Events Travel guarantees to seat you in pairs (Two together).

Seating three together or more When you need three tickets or more we'll do our best to seat you together; however, we cannot guarantee it. If you MUST sit together, kindly check availability with our customer service team, by phone or e-mail. In most cases we will be able to confirm a specific request or offer an alternative solution.

Group seating For 8 tickets or more kindly check the availability for group seating and the price with our customer service team, by phone or e-mail.
When the ticket is electronic we will send it to the email supplied in the order form.
Next to the stated categories we also offer hospitality packages for this event. Please check the availability and prices of hospitality packages with our team, by phone or e-mail.